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Dr. Haseen Syed
Distinctive Dental Care in Bloomington

Owner/Dentist & Adjunct Faculty

Distinctive Dental Care in Bloomington

We offer outstanding treatment for your family at our dental clinic in Bloomington, MN. Modern technology and personalized oral care are the hallmarks of Distinct Dental Care. Our practice also focuses on education and learning, helping patients understand exactly what is taking place in their mouths.

My Promise:

I love what I do, and my focus is on treating the whole patient, not just the specific troubling parts. Educated consent is, without a doubt, the most fundamental aspect of my therapy preparation.

I believe each person we welcome into our practice deserves to know about their treatment options, as well as why treatment is necessary. In order to address fear and trepidation, our caring team members prioritize creating an experience that is comfortable and even pleasurable for the patient.

Each time I receive a referral, I am reminded of my pledge and the many reasons it is so important.

Why Choose Us?

Philosophy ▿

Our philosophy stems from a belief system rooted in patient education. 

Experience ▿

Dr. Syed has over 17 years of extensive general dentistry experience, varying from pediatric dentistry, oral cancer surgeries, general dentistry, Invisalign and Sleep Medicine.

Insurance 101 ▿

Dental insurance plans can vary widely; however, we want to help our patient understand their plans by providing more information.

Latest Technology ▿

Dr. Syed uses the most current technology in scanning for patient crowns and Invisalign.

Dr. Syed uses the latest Eccovision™ Acoustic Pharyngometer & Rhinometer imaging technology to diagnose breathing issues which lead to snoring and daytime sleepiness and she is committed to raising awareness of sleep issues and oral appliance therapy as a treatment option for the common, but often undiagnosed, condition of sleep apnea.

Distinctive Dental Care in Bloomington

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Our Dental Services

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General Dentistry ▿

The dentist is responsible for preventing, diagnosing and treating a wide variety of conditions affecting the teeth, gums as well as facial parts.

Implants ▿

A dental implant is an artificial substitute for the tooth root, on which a crown (prosthesis) can be applied. It a biocompatible material made of ceramic, titanium, alloy, etc.

Preventative Care ▿
Emergencies ▿

Occasionally dental emergencies may happen. Examples include extruded teeth, avulsed teeth, a bitten tongue or lip, broken teeth, toothaches, objects that are caught, and a possible broken jaw.

Invisalign ▿

Invisalign TM is a new and advanced strategy for straightening teeth that uses a collection of aligners developed specifically for your teeth. These aligner trays are made of smooth, comfortable, and nearly undetectable plastic that you apply over your teeth.

Digital X-Rays ▿

CDR is a computerized imaging system which has completely reinvented dental radiography. CDR supplies us with a filmless x-ray system that decreases patient exposure to direct radiation by 90%, offers immediate images, and improves our analytical abilities.

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