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The four most important factors in preventing dental disease are:

1. Brushing and Flossing (Hygiene)

2. Balanced Diet

3. Applying Sealants

4. Fluoride

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Fluoride is an essential ingredient for optimal oral health and wellness. It has been proven to help lower the formation of cavities and make it possible for people to keep more of their teeth for a longer period. Another important part of maintaining your teeth is the removal of plaque and tartar on a regular basis. The frequency of your visits is based on your individual oral health and wellness.

During your visit to our dental clinic in Edina, Bloomington, MN, we will update your medical history, perform an oral cancer screening exam, check your tooth cavities, cross-check oral hygiene instructions, and monitor your periodontal (gum) condition.

Fluoride treatments and sealants are recommended for children and for adults when appropriate. Fluoride impacts oral health in two ways:

  1. It helps teeth by reinforcing tooth structure and limiting bacterial growth. Fluoride is incorporated directly to protect teeth from degeneration.
  2. Fluoride is found in toothpaste, rinses, and gels, as well as when applied at the dental office. Fluoride is also added to city water and is available in prescription tablets. Fluoride tablet computers are only recommended when the child is not receiving any other type of ingested fluoride. Too much fluoride can cause teeth to have an irreversible multicolor appearance. This is why only a small percentage of toothpaste should be used when brushing a child’s teeth. With the standard dosage of fluoride added to our water supply, our teeth obtain the maximum advantage with the lowest (practically negligible) possibility of changing their appearance.

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