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Dental Emergencies

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Occasionally dental emergencies may happen. Examples include extruded teeth, avulsed teeth, a bitten tongue or lip, broken teeth, toothaches, objects that are caught, and a possible broken jaw. Please call the office for more information.

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Knocked out teeth (evulsed teeth) ▿

If your tooth is knocked out, you should meticulously wash the tooth with water. If you cannot position the tooth back in its socket, put it in a glass along with either saliva or milk.

Extruded teeth ▿

If your tooth is pressed out of its original location, you must reposition it to its normal position using very light finger pressure. Hold the tooth in place with moist gauze or tissue. Make sure that a dental practitioner sees you within a half hour.

Biting tongue or lip ▿

To treat a bitten tongue or lip, you need to carefully clean the area with a cloth and apply cool compresses to reduce swelling. If the blood loss continues, go to the hospital emergency clinic.

Objects caught in teeth ▿

If you have an object caught between your teeth, you need to try and remove it gently with oral floss. If you are unable to remove the object, see your dentist.

Toothache ▿

If you have a toothache, first remove any food caught in your teeth (see above). Then, cleanse your mouth by rinsing it with warm water. Do not apply aspirin to the aching tooth or periodontal cells. See your dentist as soon as possible.

Broken jaw ▿

If there is a possibility that you have a broken jaw, you should not move it. Tie a towel around the jaw, as well as over the top of the jaw, to protect it. Apply cold compresses to decrease the swelling. Go immediately to your dental practitioner or emergency room if a dentist is unavailable.

Broken Teeth ▿

A minor fracture is a tooth that is broken in the hard outer enamel part. Your dentist can smooth a minor fracture with a sandpaper disc or leave it untreated. Your dentist can also restore the tooth with a composite reconstruction (bonding).

Please call the office for more information.

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