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Distinctive Dental Care is a family dental clinic in Bloomington, MN. Our philosophy is simple – our patients and their complete oral health come first.

Our friendly and caring staff are always available to help in any way possible and to answer any questions that may arise.


Our philosophy stems from a belief system rooted in patient education.


Hard and Soft tissue surgeries, placed implants, and performed implant supported dentures. 


Dr. Syed has over 15 years of extensive general dentistry experience, varying from pediatric dentistry, oral cancer surgeries, and general dentistry.

2014 Best Employer

Recognized as a Best Employer in Bloomington, MN, with ethnically diverse staff. It is a reflection of the diverse community where we are located.

Latest Technology

We use EHR, increasing efficiency and quality outcomes while allowing timely access to the patient's information.

Meet our Staff

Beth O.

Registered Dental Assistant. 

Beth has 30+ years of experience as an RDA. She is committed to educating the young on the best way to care for their teeth, which leads to a lifetime of healthy oral hygiene and overall healthy self-care.

Beth is married with 3 children and enjoys gardening, sewing, and caring for her variety of outdoor animals on her large property. Fun fact, Beth cultivated enough lavender to make her own batches of healthy Lavender Balm. 

Hodan H.

Licensed Dental Hygienist.

Hodan has 9+ years of experience as a dental hygienist. She is known for her gentle touch, quiet nature, and knowledge of proper oral health. 

She enjoys traveling and serving her community.

Fun Fact, Hodan is a creative cook. 

Wendi M.

Licensed Dental Hygienist.

Wendi has 30 years of experience in the healthcare field in several roles including a medical coder, receptionist, and pharmacy technician.

She is committed to providing patients with the education needed to understand the benefits they are provided to optimize and become their own healthcare advocates. She is married with 3 children and 5 grandchildren.

Fun fact, Wendi is also a Certified Floral Designer. 

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